Damp Garage Floor? Epoxy Is NOT the Best Option

There are times when epoxy is not the best garage flooring option.  This post will review some of the circumstances and environments where alternative flooring options, such as tiles or mats, should be used in place of epoxy. Garages with Extreme Moisture Problems Do you have a damp garage? 

Epoxy-Coat Epoxy Comparison Chart

I have to admit, the epoxy comparison chart on Epoxy-Coat’s website is very persuasive.  I have never used Epoxy-Coat brand floor epoxy on any previous garage floor applications, but am strongly considering giving it a try on my new, bare-concrete garage floor in my small outbuilding. Epoxy-Coat brand markets

Common Types of Flooring for the Garage

In this article, we'll discuss the available options of flooring for garage applications. The options are vast and varied, and that's a good thing. Depending on your available budget and desired results, you could refinish your garage floor for as little as $50 or more than $5000.

Floor Epoxy vs Floor Paint

Garage floor epoxy is not the same as standard floor paint.  Floor epoxy vs floor paint – what are the key differences?  Like floor paint, garage floor epoxy is a finish used to beautify your floor, but unlike floor paint, epoxy adds surface protection, sealing, and far more durability

Common Garage Floor Epoxy Problems

A finished garage floor is an investment. Not only does epoxy beautify your garage, but it also adds a layer of protection and durability to your existing garage floor. This is why it is so important to spend the time properly prepping the garage floor surface prior to applying

Clean Oil, Grease, Grime, & Paint Stains

Over time, an unfinished concrete garage floor will begin to show its age. Concrete is a porous surface that readily accepts dirt, grease, and oil, often locking it in place. In this post, I will present some garage floor cleaning options that are very effective in removing many of

Garage Floor Repairs – Prevent Most Repairs

The vast majority of garage floor repairs are preventable, so it’s important to identify any potential sources of garage floor damage as early as possible . By addressing these common garage floor problems early on, you will be saving yourself time and money on future repairs. Common Repairs and

Find Quality Epoxy Contractors

Finding Contractors How do you find quality garage floor epoxy contractors to install a new epoxy floor in your garage? The best way to find a quality garage floor epoxy contractor is to have a friend or family member refer you to someone they have used previously. Having referrals

Applying Epoxy Over an Existing Garage Floor Finish

Have you ever wondered if you could apply an epoxy coating over an old, existing epoxy or stain coating?   I’ve been hired to do it numerous times over the years.  On almost every one of these projects, the original coating was applied, in haste, by the homeowner.   The majority

Sam’s Club Garage Flooring

There are two primary Sam's Club garage flooring products currenty available. Both products are sheeting that is rolled-out over the existing garage floor. In this post, we'll compare these Sam's Club garage flooring products and discuss the overall pros and cons of these types of garage floors.