Can you apply epoxy to concrete that has a radiant floor heating system installed? I was recently asked if it was safe to apply epoxy on a concrete garage floor that has an integrated radiant heating system. If you were ever unsure of whether or not you could do this, the answer is almost always - yes. However, you should always verify with both the flooring epoxy manufacturer and the radiant heating manufacturer prior to proceeding with your project. If you are not familiar with radiant heat garage flooring, I highly recommend this excellent article detailing how it works. Radiant floor heating is an environmentally-friendly, and efficient way to heat your garage using concrete's inherent thermal capabilities. Are there any safety issues I should be concerned about? Can heating the epoxy floor release noxious fumes? Prior to applying the epoxy, be sure the radiant heating system is off. You should shut the system down prior to applying epoxy, allowing enough time for the concrete floor to reach room temperature (within the required epoxy application temperature requirements set by the manufacturer). Do not apply the garage floor epoxy to an actively heated radiant floor system. Once fully cured, you should have no concerns over the release of noxious fumes from a heated epoxy floor surface. Overall, epoxy is an excellent garage flooring option to use over a radiant heat concrete garage floor. If you're looking for more information regarding the prep and application of floor epoxy, check out