Are the Floor Epoxy Kits Any Good?

When evaluating garage floor epoxies, there are a few key things to look for and DIY floor epoxy kids may be an option.  If you think that all floor epoxies are the same, you may find out the hard way that they are not.  The epoxy kits you buy for $50 at a local home improvement store are not the same quality of epoxy a professional would use.  The old saying, “You get what you pay for” definitely stands when it comes to epoxy.

Are the $50 floor epoxy kits any good?

Yes, when you follow all the preparation and installation requirements, the $50 garage epoxy kits are pretty good.  To be able to transform your old, dingy garage floor into a decent-looking surface for such a low price, is a good thing.  These epoxy kits do a decent job.  You just have to have the proper expectations…

DIY epoxy flooring for garageThere will be an overall aesthetic improvement, but your garage floor will not look as though it was professionally finished.  The epoxy you applied will provide some floor protection, but not the same level of protection that professional-grade epoxy can.  Additionally, don’t expect your $50 epoxy job to last for more than a few years.  The home improvement kits are decent, but you have to set your expectations accordingly; these kits should be viewed more for their temporary visual improvement of your garage than for their lasting improvement.

Should I have epoxy professionally installed / applied?

Professional garage epoxy application

There are many benefits to going the professional installation route.  Aside from saving you the time and effort of applying the epoxy coating yourself, you can expect that the final result will look professionally installed.  The vast majority of companies specializing in epoxy floor coatings know what they are doing, and will only use professional-grade epoxies.  You also have some recourse if the epoxy finish is faulty or not to your liking; if you do the application yourself, you’re out of luck.

Obviously in contrast to floor epoxy kits, you will pay more to have your garage floor professionally finished, but that is to be expected.  You are not only paying for materials and labor, but you are paying for experience.  The professionals who will prepare and finish your garage floor should have ample experience doing so.  They know what to look for.  They know the tricks of the trade.  I don’t see spending extra money to pay for a professionals high degree of skill as a overspending.

What to look for in floor epoxy kits?

There are two key features to look for in floor epoxy kits.  These are not the only features, but they are the most important indicators of the quality of the epoxy coating.

The first thing to look for in an epoxy coating, is the coating’s thickness or density. It is fairly safe to say that the thicker the epoxy coating, the more lasting and durable you should expect it to be.  The epoxy kits you buy at the home improvement store are usually very thin in comparison to professional-grade floor epoxies used by the pros.

Secondly, you will also want to look for a garage floor epoxy that contains polymers. Polymers will increase the durability and the adherence to the concrete surface below.  These tiny plastic-like particles increase the flexibility of the epoxy coating and will in turn reduce cracking and chipping, making your finish more lasting.